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NCBG - Stillhouse Bottom Preserve

The Stillhouse Bottom natural area is the only undisturbed, steep, north-facing ravine left in Orange County according to the Inventory of Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats for Orange County, NC (2004). Preservation of this site is a conservation priority for the state of North Carolina, Orange County, and the North Carolina Botanical Garden. Over 100 plant species have been identified, and the high quality of the site is demonstrated by the presence of red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, yellow-billed cuckoos, white-breasted nuthatches, ovenbirds, and scarlet tanagers, and other deep forest birds. Stream quality is likewise demonstrated by the healthy amphibian community, made up of dusky salamanders, two-lined salamanders, and green frogs.

Last Update: 2020-01-01

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scientific common duration habit height thumb detail
Aesculus sylvatica Painted Buckeye Perennial Tree, Shrub 3-16 ft. detail
Amelanchier arborea Downy Serviceberry Perennial Tree, Shrub 15-25 ft. detail
Asplenium platyneuron Ebony Spleenwort Perennial Forb/herb 1 ft. detail
Aureolaria virginica Downy Oak-leech Perennial Forb/herb 1-5 ft. detail
Bignonia capreolata Cross-vine Perennial Vine to 30 feet or more detail
Boehmeria cylindrica False-nettle Perennial Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
Campsis radicans Trumpet Creeper Perennial Vine up to 40 ft detail
Cardamine angustata Eastern Slender Toothwort Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
Carex blanda Eastern Woodland Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
Carex caroliniana Carolina Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
Carex nigromarginata Black-edged Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
Carex rosea Rosy Sedge Perennial Graminoid up to 1 ft. detail
Carex styloflexa Bent Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
Carex willdenowii Willdenow’s Sedge Perennial Graminoid detail
Carpinus caroliniana Ironwood Perennial Tree, Shrub 13-50 ft. detail
Carya glabra Pignut Hickory Perennial Tree 50–100 ft. detail
Carya ovata Common Shagbark Hickory Perennial Tree detail
Chamaelirium luteum Fairy-wand Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
Chimaphila maculata Spotted Wintergreen Perennial Subshrub 4-8 in. detail
Chionanthus virginicus Fringe-tree Perennial Tree, Shrub to 25 ft. detail
Clitoria mariana Butterfly Pea Perennial Vine, Forb/herb to nearly 2 ft. long detail
Corallorhiza odontorhiza Autumn Coralroot Perennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood Perennial Tree, Shrub 12-36 ft. detail
Corylus americana American Hazelnut Perennial Shrub 10-16 ft. detail
Crataegus phaenopyrum Washington Hawthorn Perennial Tree, Shrub to 30 ft. detail
Cunila origanoides American-dittany Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 8-16 in. detail
Danthonia spicata Moonshine Grass Perennial Graminoid detail
Desmodium nudiflorum Naked Tick-trefoil Perennial Forb/herb 4-12 in. and to 3 ft. (flowering stem) detail
Desmodium rotundifolium Prostrate Ticktrefoil Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-5 ft. long detail
Dichanthelium boscii Bosc’s Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
Dichanthelium commutatum Variable Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
Dichanthelium laxiflorum Open-flower Witchgrass Perennial Graminoid detail
Dioscorea oppositifolia Chinese Yam Perennial Vine, Forb/herb to 65 ft. (tall) detail
Dioscorea villosa Wild Yam Perennial Vine, Forb/herb to 23 ft. long detail
Diospyros virginiana American Persimmon Perennial Tree 35-60 ft. detail
Epifagus virginiana Beechdrops Annual Forb/herb 4-18 in. detail
Euonymus americanus Heart’s-a-bustin’ Perennial Forb/herb, Subshrub 4-6 ft. detail
Euphorbia corollata Eastern Flowering Spurge Perennial Forb/herb 1 1/2-3 ft. detail
Eurybia divaricata White Wood Aster Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
Eutrochium dubium Coastal Plain Joe-pye-weed Perennial Forb/herb 3-4 ft. detail
Fagus grandifolia American Beech Perennial Tree 50-80 feet detail
Fraxinus americana White Ash Perennial Tree (15–)20–30(–50) m tall. detail
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Green Ash Perennial Tree (10–)15–25(–45) m tall. detail
Galium aparine Cleavers Annual Vine, Forb/herb to 5 ft. detail
Galium circaezans Forest Bedstraw Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 6-22 in. detail
Gelsemium sempervirens Carolina Jessamine Perennial Vine, Shrub Climbs 8-10 feet or more detail
Gentiana villosa Striped Gentian Perennial Forb/herb 8-22 in. detail
Geranium carolinianum Carolina Crane’s-bill Annual, Biennial Forb/herb 4-24 in. detail
Geranium maculatum Wild Geranium Perennial Forb/herb 8-24 in. detail
Goodyera pubescens Downy Rattlesnake Plantain Perennial Forb/herb 4-15 in. detail
Hamamelis virginiana American Witch-hazel Perennial Tree, Shrub 8-20 ft.; width 8-20 ft. detail
Heuchera americana American Alumroot Perennial Forb/herb 6-10 in. detail
Hieracium venosum Rattlesnakeweed Perennial Forb/herb 10-32 in. detail
Houstonia caerulea Azure Bluet Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 in. detail
Houstonia purpurea Summer Bluet Perennial Forb/herb 4-12 in. detail
Hydrangea arborescens Smooth Hydrangea Perennial Shrub 3-5 ft. detail
Hypericum hypericoides St. Andrew's Cross Perennial Subshrub, Shrub 1-3 ft. detail
Hypoxis hirsuta Common Goldstar Perennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
Ilex decidua Deciduous Holly Perennial Tree, Shrub 7-20 ft. detail
Ilex montana Mountain Holly Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
Ilex opaca American Holly Perennial Tree, Shrub 15-30 ft. tall, spread 10-20 ft. detail
Ipomoea pandurata Man Of The Earth Perennial Vine, Forb/herb 4-16 ft. detail
Iris cristata Dwarf Crested Iris Perennial Forb/herb 4-6 in. detail
Lespedeza procumbens Downy Trailing Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb detail
Lespedeza repens Creeping Lespedeza Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
Ligusticum canadense American Lovage Perennial Forb/herb 2-6 ft. detail
Liparis liliifolia Lily-leaf Twayblade Perennial Forb/herb to 1 ft. detail
Liquidambar styraciflua Sweet Gum Perennial Tree (10–)15–35(–45) m tall. detail
Liriodendron tulipifera Tulip-tree Perennial Tree detail
Lonicera japonica Japanese Honeysuckle Perennial Vine detail
Lonicera sempervirens Coral Honeysuckle Perennial Vine Climbs 8-10 ft. or more detail
Maianthemum racemosum Solomon’s-plume Perennial Forb/herb 10-24 in. detail
Melica mutica Two-flower Melic Grass Perennial Graminoid 1 - 2 ft detail
Morus rubra Red Mulberry Perennial Tree 5–20(–25) m tall. detail
Nyssa sylvatica Black Gum Perennial Tree 60 plus feet detail
Obolaria virginica Pennywort Perennial Forb/herb 1-6 in. detail
Ostrya virginiana American Hop-hornbeam Perennial Tree, Shrub 25-40 ft. detail
Oxalis dillenii Slender Yellow Woodsorrel Perennial Forb/herb 4-10 in. detail
Oxalis violacea Violet Wood-sorrel Perennial Forb/herb 4-8 in. detail
Oxydendrum arboreum Sourwood Perennial Tree, Shrub to 30 feet or more detail
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia Creeper Perennial Vine detail
Pinus echinata Rosemary Pine Perennial Tree (15–)20–35(–45) m tall. detail
Pinus taeda Loblolly Pine Perennial Tree (20–)25–40(–55) m tall. detail
Pinus virginiana Jersey Pine Perennial Tree (5–)10–20(–30) m tall. detail
Piptochaetium avenaceum Eastern Needlegrass Perennial Graminoid 3 ft. detail
Platanus occidentalis American Sycamore Perennial Tree 75-100 feet detail
Pleopeltis polypodioides West Indian Resurrection Fern Perennial Forb/herb, Vine detail
Poa cuspidata Early Bluegrass Perennial Graminoid detail
Polystichum acrostichoides Christmas Fern Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
Potentilla canadensis Dwarf Cinquefoil Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 in. detail
Quercus alba White Oak Perennial Tree to 100 feet detail
Quercus falcata Southern Red Oak Perennial Tree (15–)20–30(–40) m tall. detail
Quercus nigra Water Oak Perennial Tree detail
Quercus velutina Black Oak Perennial Tree to 80 feet x 40 feet detail
Ranunculus hispidus Bristly Buttercup Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
Rhododendron periclymenoides Pinxter-flower Perennial Shrub 4-6 ft. detail
Ruellia caroliniensis Carolina Wild Petunia Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
Salvia lyrata Lyreleaf Sage Perennial Forb/herb 1-2 ft. detail
Sambucus canadensis Common Elderberry height and spread 8-12 feet detail
Sassafras albidum Sassafras Perennial Tree, Shrub to 30 feet detail
Scleria oligantha Few-flowered Nutrush Perennial Graminoid detail
Sisyrinchium mucronatum Needle-tip Blue-eyed-grass Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
Smilax bona-nox Catbriar Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
Smilax glauca Cat Greenbrier Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
Smilax rotundifolia Bullbriar Perennial Shrub, Vine detail
Sphenopholis nitida Shiny Wedgescale Perennial Graminoid detail
Stellaria pubera Giant Chickweed Perennial Forb/herb 4-16 in. detail
Styrax grandifolius Bigleaf Snowbell Perennial Tree, Shrub 8-12 ft. detail
Tiarella cordifolia Foamflower Perennial Forb/herb 10-12 in. detail
Tipularia discolor Cranefly Orchid Perennial Forb/herb 4-20 in. detail
Toxicodendron radicans Eastern Poison Ivy Perennial Shrub, Forb/herb, Subshrub, Vine detail
Trillium catesbaei Catesby’s Trillium Perennial Forb/herb 10-18 in. detail
Ulmus alata Winged Elm Perennial Tree (5–)10–20(–35) m tall detail
Uvularia perfoliata Perfoliate Bellwort Perennial Forb/herb 6-18 in. detail
Vaccinium pallidum Early Lowbush Blueberry Perennial Subshrub, Shrub detail
Vaccinium stamineum Common Deerberry Perennial Shrub 6 feet tall and wide detail
Vaccinium tenellum Small Black Blueberry Perennial Subshrub, Shrub detail
Viburnum acerifolium Maple-leaf Arrow-wood Perennial Shrub, Subshrub 5-6 ft. detail
Viburnum prunifolium Smooth Blackhaw Perennial Tree, Shrub to 25 ft. detail
Viburnum rufidulum Rusty Blackhaw Perennial Tree, Shrub detail
Viola sororia Common Blue Violet Annual, Perennial Forb/herb 2-8 in. detail
Zizia aptera Heartleaf Golden-Alexanders Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
Zizia aurea Common Golden Alexanders Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
Zizia trifoliata Meadow Alexanders Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail