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2022 Members' Seed Pack

We are pleased to offer free seed to our members in 2022 through the Members' Seed Distribution Program. NCBG members may select up to 8 species (and 3 alternates) from this list to order online beginning in January. Seed distribution will run through October, or until supplies last.

Last Update: 2021-11-23

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scientific common duration habit height thumb detail
Agarista populifolia Florida-hobblebush Perennial Shrub 6-15 ft. detail
Allium cernuum Nodding Onion Perennial Forb/herb 12-15 in. detail
Amsonia tabernaemontana Eastern Bluestar Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
Andropogon ternarius Split-beard Bluestem Perennial Graminoid 1.5-4 ft. detail
Aquilegia canadensis Eastern Columbine Perennial Forb/herb 1-3 ft. detail
Asclepias syriaca Common Milkweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-6 ft. detail
Callicarpa americana American Beautyberry Perennial Shrub 4-8 ft. detail
Coreopsis tripteris Tall Coreopsis Perennial Forb/herb 4-6 ft. detail
Eryngium yuccifolium Northern Rattlesnake-master Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
Eutrochium fistulosum Hollow-stem Joe-pye-weed Perennial Forb/herb 5-8 ft. detail
Heuchera americana American Alumroot Perennial Forb/herb 6-10 in. detail
Hibiscus aculeatus Savanna Rose-mallow Perennial Forb/herb 3-6 ft. detail
Hibiscus moscheutos Crimson-eyed Rose-mallow Annual, Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 4-6 ft. detail
Hypericum prolificum Shrubby St-John's-wort Perennial Shrub, Subshrub 1-4 ft. detail
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower Perennial Forb/herb 2-4 ft. detail
Melanthium virginicum Virginia Bunchflower 2-5 ft. detail
Monarda fistulosa Wild Bergamot Perennial Subshrub, Forb/herb 2-5 ft. detail
Osmorhiza longistylis Smooth Sweet Cicely Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail
Penstemon laevigatus Eastern Smooth Beardtongue Perennial Forb/herb 1-4 ft. detail
Rosa carolina Carolina Rose Perennial Subshrub 3-6 ft. detail
Rudbeckia fulgida Orange Coneflower Perennial Forb/herb 2-3 ft. detail
Senna hebecarpa Northern Wild Senna Perennial Forb/herb 1.5-6 ft. detail
Silphium asteriscus var. asteriscus Starry Rosinweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-6 ft. detail
Sisyrinchium angustifolium Narrow-leaved Blue-eyed-grass Perennial Forb/herb 8-12 in. detail
Smallanthus uvedalius Bearsfoot Perennial Forb/herb 3-10 ft. detail
Solidago nemoralis var. nemoralis Eastern Gray Goldenrod Perennial Forb/herb 1.5-3 ft. detail
Sorghastrum nutans Yellow Prairie Grass Perennial Graminoid 6 ft. detail
Vernonia noveboracensis New York Ironweed Perennial Forb/herb 3-7 ft. detail
Zephyranthes atamasca Atamasco Lily Perennial Forb/herb 6-8 in. detail
Zizia aurea Common Golden Alexanders Perennial Forb/herb 1-2.5 ft. detail