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The Garden celebrates the 50th Anniversary of trail-opening to the public, and the establishment and chartering of the Botanical Garden Foundation.

The 2016 Wildflower of the Year is the Northern rattlesnake-master (Eryngium yuccifolium var. yuccifolium). A new quilt has been made for inclusion in the Education Center's quilt exhibit, and t-shirts are sold in the Gift Shop. A brochure and seeds are available in mid-February.

Winter Spectacle, a celebration of winter's beauty, is installed in the Education Center with an art exhibit, displays, informational posters, and haikus honoring the season.

NCBG's Wonder Connection program, which brings the natural world to pediatric patients, wins a Core77 Design for Social Impact Award for the WonderSphere invented by NCBG's Katie Stoudemire. The WonderSphere engages immune-compromised children in interactions with natural materials without risk of infection.

From mid-August through December, Saving Our Birds, features 45 programs that include lectures, classes and workshops, bird walks, hikes, and field trips, a photography contest, art and educational exhibits, family and children's events, and professional workshops for landscape designers, landscapers and nursery growers and retailers, and teachers.

With help from UNC's Carolina Apps Program, Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States, issued annually in print and digital formats, is transformed into an iPhone/iPad application, known as FloraQuest.

A new NCBG publication, Conservation Gardener, a magazine, is issued twice yearly (Fall/Winter, and Spring/Summer). It is sent to members, who also receive monthly e-newsletters.

The NCBG introduces a new logo, Cornus florida, the dogwood, North Carolina's state flower.

In December, "Homegrown," a stick sculpture created in October 2014 by artist-in-residence Patrick Dougherty and built with the help of 100 volunteers, is deconstructed.

A new modern greenhouse is installed in the NCBG, a gift of Marcella and Paul Grendler and Cindy and Tom Cook.

Jim Ward retires after 41 years of service (1975-2016) to the NCBG, honored by a festive party and dedication of the Gazebo, near the Information Board, as the James Ward Gazebo. Tom Earnhardt, past President of the Botanical Garden Foundation, is honored with the Flora Caroliniana award.

The First Plant Sale with a Festival is held.

A full-time staff Volunteer Manager position is established within the Dept of Administration. Elaine McManus is hired to fill the new position.

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