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Healing and Hope Through Science, (later re-named Wonder Connection), a horticultural therapy program with a science curriculum serving hospitalized children and their families at Duke and UNC Children's Hospitals, is hosted by the NCBG, with one-year support from the Oak Foundation. Katie Stoudemire, who led the pilot program for 5 years through the Sarah P. Duke Garden, joins the Education Department staff to expand and further develop the program. (In November 2015, WRAL featured the program during the nightly news)

The first phase, "Play and Learn," of the Wonder Garden, a model place-based education program serving infants though high-schoolers, their parents, and teachers, is being developed. The garden is designed by the Natural Learning Initiative of NC State University with consultation from Garden staff.

"Around the Garden," an on-line blog of informal writing and photos from the Garden is available by subscription or

The Climate Change Garden is planted, partnering with botanic gardens across the country. Each garden will feature genetically identical plant species selected for their biological responsiveness to temperature. Citizen Scientist volunteers are sought to visit the Garden throughout the growing season to record dates of events suchas first flowering and seed ripening (In 2015, the country-wide program is discontinued owing to uneven program implementation by partner gardens and data management problems).

The perimeter deer fence is completed.

A bear is spotted at the Totten Center grounds' entrance gate, having found the Garden a welcoming place within an urbanized area. The bear's pawprint was later found near Meeting-of-the-Waters Creek. It was later sighted in the Kings Mill/Morgan Creek neighborhood.

The NCBG is awarded the APPLES Community Award for its work with student Interns and volunteers.

The Botanical Garden Foundation purchases and adds a 5.6 acre parcel to Stillhouse Bottom Nature Preserve, which occupies the heart of the greater Morgan Creek Bluffs Natural Area, recognized as a site of state significance, the only undisturbed, steep north-facing ravine remaining in Orange County. It is dedicated as the Joslin Slope in recognition of the many contributions by and advocacy of the late Bill Joslin and his family

The Wildflower of the Year Program celebrates its 30th anniversary..

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