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A black gum, Nyssa sylvatica, is planted in the Coker Arboretum in memory of Eve Carson, slain UNC study body president, in a dedication ceremony led by the North Carolina Fellows Program. Eve Carson listed "the Arboretum on a Fall day" as one of four things she loved most on the Carolina campus.

The Herbarium, a world-class scientific collection that since 2000 has been a department of the NCBG, celebrates its 100th anniversary. The Herbarium consists of 815,000 vascular plant specimens and 1,500 lichen specimens, and specimens of algae, fungi and plant fossils. It is the largest university museum and research collection of southeastern U.S. plants in the world.

The NCBG is established as a regional facilitating center for the Earth Partnership for Schools program enabling the NCBG to hold institutes.

Construction of the three buildings comprising the NCBG's new central location continues on schedule. Atlantic white cedar siding milled from trees felled by Hurricane Isabel in the Great Dismal Swamp is being installed.

The 2008 Sculpture in the Garden show is suspended owing to construction activities.

A new water feature is being constructed in Coker Arboretum with support from Tom Kenan.

Rescue of more than 800 poached Venus' flytraps is made by NCBG staff member Andy Walker at the request of the Nature Conservancy which owns and manages the Green Swamp preserve near Wilmington, NC. The plants are brought back to the NCBG and nursed back to health in an area of the shade house at Mason Farm Biological Reserve. Garden and Nature Conservancy staff and volunteers will return the Venus' flytraps and purple pitcher plants to their natural habitat in the Green Swamp preserve.

Mason Farm Biological Reserve joins 132 other North Carolina Birding Trail sites in the Piedmont

The Garden is honored with the Preservation Award from the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill, and the Dorothy E. Hansell Publication Award from the American Public Gardens Association.

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