NCBG Timeline


Grant Parkins joins the NCBG staff as the first full-time natural science educator. (In 2016, he resigns to take a position with the UNC Institute for the Environment).

The NCBG receives $1million from sale of a consolidation of the Pegg tracts, which are purchased by the state of North Carolina using funds from the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund and North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund. The land, located along the Haw River, is now under the care of the state, and is protected for future generations.

The NCBG enters into a cooperative agreement with the Royal Botanic Gardens-Kew and other partners to collect and store the seeds of approximately 250 plant species native to the southeastern U.S. as part of the Millennium Seed Bank, an international program partnership in 17 countries with the goal of( Serving ? Saving? the species and genetic diversity of plants.

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