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"Growing with Gardening: A Twelve-Month Guide for Therapy, Recreation and Education," written by Bibbie Moore, coordinator of the NCBG's Horticultural Therapy program, is published by UNC Press. The Guide helps to establish the Horticultural Therapy program as a model and is considered to be "the best horticultural therapy text ever written."

The NCBG sends a Davie Poplar six-foot sapling to the National Zoo in celebration of the Zoo's centennial anniversary.

The first annual BG Foundation fundraising campaign total is $36,734.17.

The Labor Day Open House features the Garden's new Master Plan.

The Garden receives the North Carolina Nature Conservancy's 1989 Public Service Award.

The North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center awards the NCBG a grant to develop production methods for herbs as an alternative crop for small and medium-sized farms. The Project will be carried out in cooperation with NCSU, NC AT&T University and selected farmers.

The second annual outdoor sculpture exhibit is held.

The NC Department of Transportation constructs a sound wall from Manning Drive to Mason Farm Road to protect the Garden from increased traffic noise from the expansion of U.S. 15-501/U.S. 54

The NCBG is developing a conservation plan for the Coker Arboretum as part of the Master Plan.

The last details of NCBG's Master Plan are being finalized in preparation for approval by the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.

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