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Once again, the annual wildflower sale is discontinued, replaced by daily plant sales.

The 16th annual Labor Day Open House is held.

Growing with Gardening by Bibby Moore, NCBG horticultural therapist, is published and distributed by the NCBG as a training manual that is being used in sixteen statewide workshops to train staff to develop horticulture programs for group home residents. Arrangements are being made to publish a second, nationally distributed edition through UNC Press. (It was in 1989)

The Sandhills Habitat Garden doubles in size. A special memorial dedication is made to the daughter of Donald McCoy, Kathryn Lu McCoy Grady, in whose honor 50 truckloads (416 tons) of sandy soil indigenous to the sandhills region doubles the area for display of unique sandhills flora. A second sandridge will be contoured, and vegetating the habitat will continue over the next several years. Support for the habitat expansion is provided by a friend of the father of Ms. Grady.

A one-scale re-creation of an Ati (a lodge) was constructed in the Herb Garden by Eagle Scouts under the guidance and supervision of Chief John Blackfeather (Photo is in a 1987 newsletter). The Ati was refreshed in 2014 by volunteer Douglas Tilden.

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