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C. Ritchie Bell retires as the Garden's director and is celebrated during a dinner honoring his leadership that turned 72 acres into one of the most active gardens in the southeastern U.S. "Under Dr. Bell's guidance, the Garden has become a place where an interest in flora can develop into a passion." At this time, the Garden has a permanent staff of 12, 15 seasonal workers, 150 dedicated volunteers, and 8 major plant collections, and is administering 600 acres for UNC.

Dr. Peter S. White, plant ecologist and conservation botanist, becomes Garden Director.

The Garden was among 17 select regional Gardens to become associated as the National Center for Plant Conservation.

The Administrative Board adopts the Garden's long range plan, the signal to begin more specific planning and fundraising for parts of the plan assigned highest priority.

A cooperative use agreement is reached with the N.C. Wildlife Commission that adds several thousand acres of Jordan Lake's natural woodlands to the Mason Farm Reserve, increasing the biological research potential of the Garden.

The Coastal Plain boardwalk is completed

Index Seminum lists all species for which the Garden has seeds.

Mason Farm Biological Reserve Notes, v. 1, no. 1, is sent to permit-holders and others, and is planned as an annual publication.

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