NCBG Timeline


Trustees of the University act on a proposal of R. Haven Wiley and others to create a unified "Mason Farm Biological Reserve" of 367 acres, the home of bobcat populations, unique old-growth forest, ancient forest soils, state record trees, and more than 200 bird species. The Reserve is the site of one of the longest-continuing and most detailed studies of breeding birds in the eastern U.S.

The NCBG is one of eight founding participating institutions of the Center for Plant Conservation and is one of 36 Gardens holding the National Collection of Endangered Species. (As of 2016, the NCBG is one of 39 Gardens holding the Collection).

The 1984 Labor Day Open House draws a record 3000 newcomers and friends of the Garden.

A new NCBG sign on the 15/501 bypass, a gift from the Ridgewood Garden Club, is installed, soon to be landscaped with native plants.

The Garden solicits program ideas and feedback from newsletter recipients-BG Foundation members - whose requests for programs, courses, how-to's for gardeners new to North Carolina, and field trips will be used to plan forthcoming public education outreach and programs.

The Herb Garden celebrates its 10th anniversary and the opening of the Herb House at the back of the Herb Garden.

The Medicinal Garden Group is working on placement of medicinal trees and shrubs in the Herb Garden.

A long-range plan for the Garden is prepared.

Renovation of the Coastal Plain habitat begins, a two-year project.

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