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The first England Garden Tour is led by Ken Moore.

With Comprehensive Employment and Training Act( CETA) funding, the Garden is participating in helping young adults, 16-19 years old, who are working to earn a GED diploma to learn skills in grounds maintenance, machine and tool use, landscaping, trail clearing and maintenance, weeding, mowing, transplanting seedlings, and identification of native plants, and they will also assist with new projects being developed such as those in the Herb Garden. The training program continues through 1981.

12,000 plants are purchased during the wildflower sale and 60 new NCBG members are recruited who receive a 10% discount on their plant purchases. Membership stands at 1,100 members. The sale will move from April to September in 1981.

The NCBG offers “Ecology: Our Leafy Friends,” a week-long course during the Elderhostel Program being held at UNC, which will continue as an offering in 1981 in addition to another ecology course.

Saturday morning walks through the Garden begin, conducted by Garden Curators.

Weekend volunteers host 2000 visitors during the Spring.

Cardinal flowers turn blue, according to reports from gardeners who purchased Cardinal flower plants. This was not a UNC/NCState joke; rather, Great Blue Lobelia and Cardinal Flower look-alike seedlings had been mixed during relocation to the Nursery.

The Henry Roland Totten botany lecture series begins, held at the Totten Center and offered to the public. Dr. John N. Couch gives the first lecture. (The series is discontinued in 1984).

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