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UNC receives a Title I HEW grant that sparks the beginning of the Horticultural Therapy Program, joining 13 U.S. botanical gardens offering horticultural training and consultation to human services professionals in the use of horticulture as a therapeutic and/or recreational medium. The program is established and coordinated and led by Judy Carrier who, with Bibby Moore, work in many kinds of facilities to enable residents to grow plants for food and beauty.

Handmade natural ornaments for the Garden's Christmas tree and wreaths are created by volunteers, led by volunteer Virginia White, establishing a Garden tradition.

The NCBG sign is purchased by the Ridgewood Garden Club of Chapel Hill and installed at the entrance to the parking lot off Old Mason Farm Rd, and will be landscaped with native plants.

T-Shirt Silkscreening Day is held during the Open House. Bring your own T-shirt that is silkscreened by Charlotte Jones-Roe with either a Jack-in-the-Pulpit or Venus' flytrap design becomes an Open House tradition. Cost: $1.

A week-long celebration of the sun is held at the Garden.

Streetlights are installed along Laurel Hill Road with funds donated by the Ridgewood Garden Club.

A van provides the horticultural therapy program with outreach to rural and urban communities. It is equipped with gardening supplies, a reference library, a fold-down potting bench and space for plants. The van also becomes a training center for volunteers and staff of social service agencies and health care facilities.

A National Science Foundation grant is awarded to the Garden to increase research activity directly associated with the Garden.

A 1500 sq.ft. field shelter is constructed in the fenced research area of Mason Farm.

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