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Dedication of the Totten Center, the Garden's first permanent building, 10 years after the first trail in the Garden is opened to the public. The keynote speaker is Dr. William Steere, President Emeritus and Senior Scientist, New York Botanical Garden. Staff whose offices are in the Totten Center are: C. Ritchie Bell, Director, Kathryn Fort, Administrative Secretary, Dot Wilbur [Brooks], Activities Coordinator, Alan Johnson, Nursery Supervisor, and Garden staff, Rob Gardner, Charlotte Jones[Roe], Harry Phillips, and Jim Ward.

The first art exhibit is installed in the Totten Center: "An Exhibit of Art and Crafts."

Athena and Bill Parker donate their 127-acre property to the University, retaining life estate of 5 acres on an historic home site. The Parker property is a critical piece of the southeastern Orange County nature preserve puzzle: it abuts Mason Farm Biological Reserve to the east, Laurel Hill Nature Preserve to the north, and three undeveloped private properties to the south and southeast, all of which connect to the vast New Hope Gameland.

"Thirteen Colonies Trail; Useful Native Plants of Colonial America," a U.S.bicentennial project of the NCBG, is made possible by cooperation of the North Carolina Association of Nurserymen and the Landscape Contractors Association of North Carolina who furnished plant materials, and members of the Arnold Air Society and the UNC Angel Flight who organized much of the work and volunteered time and effort to install the plantings.

The Herbarium becomes the main repository for rare plants inventoried by the North Carolina Heritage Program.

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