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Late in the year, NCBG staff move into the Totten Center from the Green Shed, a tool shed that had sheltered staff.

BGF membership totals 200 members.

The fenced area of the Garden opens on weekends.

Courses offered are: Plants in Winter, Plant Propagation, Nature Photography, Spring Wildflowers, House Plants, Natural Dyes, Plants in Winter, Birds of the Carolinas, Mountain Plants in Winter, Smoky Mountain Spring Wildflower Camp, Smoky Mountain Wildflower Trail Ride, Mountain Nature Study Workshop for Camp staff, Mountain Ecology Workshop, Fern Workshops, Gardening with Native Plants with emphasis on creating a bog habitat for your yard, Pruning Workshop, and Dried Plant Workshop.

A Garden shelter, a gatehouse, is constructed from logs of an old tobacco barn donated by the Valco Corporation. The gatehouse will protect weekend volunteers during inclement weather and serve as their welcome center.

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