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The Herb Garden is established (a descendent of the Dr.Totten drug teaching garden) by Herb volunteers, led by Mercer Reeves Hubbard for whom the Herb Garden is named in 1988. The site is located south of the Totten Center. (It is currently located in the main display area near the Totten Center entrance).

Tour Guide training prepares tour guides, botany graduate students and Garden staff to host large numbers of students who visit the Garden for supervised activities. Over 900 students in addition to classes from first grade to college groups from Chapel Hill and surrounding areas spend class time in the Garden. Garden staff conduct environmental training courses for teachers in Chapel Hill, Brevard, Wilmington and Carteret County.

Volunteers, in addition to Tour Guides and Weekend Volunteers, now include volunteers who prepare nursery beds, rescue plants, weed, plant and maintain individual habitat plots, assist with secretarial work, and work in the greenhouse and nursery areas.

Courses being offered are Winter Botany, Plants and How They Work, Bonsai, Plant Propagation, and Spring Wildflowers. (Courses are sponsored by the UNC Extension Division, and held in the Botany Department and Garden greenhouses.

Dot Wilbur-Brooks is hired as Public Programs Coordinator.

The NCBG newsletter is launched.

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