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Tour Guides, among the Garden's earliest volunteer groups, begin leading tours of the Garden for children and visitors, and "Habitat Hikes" are offered to BG Foundation members. Long-range plans for the Garden are being developed for a Botanical Garden headquarters on Laurel Hill Road where the greenhouses are located. The plan includes classrooms, offices, public meeting places, a potting bench, a repair shop, public bathrooms, and a complex of greenhouses.

There are now two Garden staff (Ken Moore and horticultural assistant Anne Benson) and 5 work-study students. Anne Benson is developing environmental materials and programs for primary and secondary schools in the state. (Personnel files should confirm this)

"Local Plants and Their Environments," first offered in 4 cities in 1971, is offered in eleven mountain and Piedmont cities.

Courses offered at the Garden now include Fall Wildflowers, Plant Propagation (offered twice as a result of demand), Winter Botany, Spring Wild flowers, Birds of the Carolinas, and Wildflower Photography.

Plant rescues are conducted with permission of developers and landowners. Plant Rescue volunteers and staff pioneer Plant Rescue techniques, eventually adopted by many conservation-oriented gardening groups throughout the Triangle and the state.

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