NCBG Timeline


A separate allocation from the NC State Legislature, responsive to direct mailings from Garden supporters, provides state funds for some Garden operations, the first direct state support since the Garden was authorized in 1952.

UNC Trustees set aside 195 acres of Mason Farm for botanical use in response to a petition submitted by Dr. Haven Wiley, faculty member in the Department of Botany, to the UNC Chancellor to formally designate the southern end of the Reserve for teaching and research. A Bird Behavior Station is established.

J. Kenneth Moore is appointed Garden Superintendent, the first permanent Garden employee. He begins recruiting volunteers as tour guides, and for weekends, publicity, and maintenance.

“Local Plants and Their Environments” is offered with funding from the Sarah Graham Kenan Foundation, taught by Ken Moore and Anne Benson in Burlington, Roxboro, Oxford, and Fayetteville, and by Julie Moore in Wilmington and Wilson..

“Plant Propagation” and “Fall Wildflowers” courses are offered

Jean Stewart becomes the first Tour Guide, initiating the creation of a named volunteer group to guide and educate Garden visitors. Earlier in the Garden years, Jean Stewart went on many plant rescues and searches for common and uncommon plants along forest trails and roadsides.

The Weekend Volunteer group is established and posted at the Garden gate to welcome visitors.

Battle Park, not yet a part of the NCBG, becomes part of the National Registry of Historic Places.

The Garden's exhibit at the NC State Fair wins a grand premium ribbon and a cash award.

The first Labor Day Open House is held.

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