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Azalea Hill, sponsored by the Men's Garden Club of Chapel Hill and designed by WilliamLanier Hunt, the Garden's first specific planting project, nears completion. Supervised by Ken Moore and helped by work study students, native azaleas are planted along the new trail through an opening in the forest created by a fallen oak.

The Garden now comprises 329 acres including hardwood forests, mature pine stands, fern-covered slopes, and open cultivated fields.

The NCBG exhibits "Planting with Native Plants" with plantings from mountain, Piedmont and coastal plain regions at the NC State Fair, the first of many exhibits throughout the state and Virginia using large collections of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in containers.

The NCBG sponsors two non-technical courses, Winter Botany and Spring Wild Flowers, offered on Saturday mornings to the public through arrangements with the Extension Division of UNC.

The first Earth Day is celebrated.

The winter of 1970 is particularly interesting for birding in the Garden area: 18 Red Crossbills, a northern bird, is sighted for the first time in the Chapel Hill area. The Christmas bird census totals 60 species.

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