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From Laurel Hill to Siler's Bog; The Walking Adventures of a Naturalist, by John Terres is published and earns the John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Nature Writing in 1971. (In 1985, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill publishes a new edition with an updated introduction by C. Ritchie Bell).

Visitors to the Garden are encouraged to count bird species and numbers by dates seen in the Botanical Garden area. The Garden will submit the inventory to the Chapel Hill Bird Club for bird census data records.

The Garden requests readers of Garden Trails to submit yearly records of blooming dates of plants in their area to the NCBG as part of a long range systematic observation program of plants of the southeast U.S. started by Dr. Helmut Leith of the UNC Botany Department.

The Camellia Project under the direction of Dr. Clifford Parks begins research to cold-test plantings grown outside when compared with plantings grown in the greenhouse. The pilot is located on the south side of Morgan Creek, just downstream from Arboretum Drive.

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