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The Department of Botany presents to the UNC President: The North Carolina Botanical Garden: A Review of the History and Status, and Prospectus for a Public Botanical Garden and Arboretum Operated As a Unit of the Department of Botany.

William Lanier Hunt donates 103 acres of the Morgan Creek Gorge to protect steep Catawba rhododendron bluffs and to begin a collection of southeastern U.S. woody plants. The tract becomes the William Lanier Hunt Arboretum.

Dr. C. Ritchie Bell, faculty member in the Department of Botany, is appointed the Garden's first director, the first year that “North Carolina Botanical Garden” appears in print(Noted in a newsletter, but is it a fact?)

William Lanier Hunt and others lead efforts to form the Botanical Garden Foundation. Many of the Garden's first supporters were members of the North Carolina Wild Flower Preservation Society, as were faculty in the Department of Botany.

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