Location Detail

Place (from Place Number): North Carolina Botanical Garden
Garden (from Garden Number): Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden
Location Grid: Evergreen
Location Number: 98
Location Code: HG-Evergreen
Decimal Latitude: 35.899672
Decimal Longitude: -79.033654
Location Level: IV
Location Type: THE
Location Focus: HRB
Location Horticulturist (from Person Number): Briggs
Last Update: 2017-12-20
Publish: 1

Locations Map


species cultivar accession number grid number # of plants condition planting date Action
Allium tuberosum 1986-0990 98 mass A 2001-02-01 View
Ilex decidua 1986-2118 98 1 A 1967-12-31 View
Thymus Clear Gold 1994-0038 98 mass A 1994-04-01 View

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