Location Detail

Place (from Place Number): North Carolina Botanical Garden
Garden (from Garden Number): Childrens Wonder Garden
Location Grid: Pollinators Upper
Location Number: 190
Location Code: WG-Pollinators Upper
Decimal Latitude: 35.899729
Decimal Longitude: -79.032273
Location Level: III
Location Type: THE
Location Focus: POL
Location Horticulturist (from Person Number): Briggs
Location Notes: This is the section of the pollinator garden that is to the west of the wooden bridge, just north of the lawn and sandbox. This section also includes the "hummingbird garden" near the mosaic adjacent to the deck of building C.
Last Update: 2019-11-20
Publish: 1

Locations Map


species cultivar accession number grid number # of plants condition planting date Action
Lobelia puberula 2019-0018 190 1 G 2019-11-04 View

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