Collection Detail

Collection ID: 586
Project Type: SOS
Species (from ID Plant): Baccharis halimifolia
Cultivar Name (from Cult ID):
Collector (from pers_num): Dakar
Place (from place_num): Caledon State Park
Collection Date: 2015-10-22
Collection Number: 384
Provenance Type: WILD

Collection Site

Ecoregion III: 63
State: VA
County: King George
Georeference Source: G
Datum: WGS84
Decimal Degrees Latitude: 38.3440833
Decimal Degrees Longitude: -77.1683056
Elevation: 8

Collected Material

Sample Type: SM
Collected Form: SD
Total Collected Quantity: bulk

Collection Sensitivity

Collection Sensitivity: NS

Collection Notes

Collection Notes: From Visitors Center, follow Boyd's Hole Trail northwest. Continue left at Triangle Field and follow the Caledon Marsh Trail. Population located at end of the trail along the Caledon Marsh edge towards the beach.
Collection Storage Location: seed bank
Datasheet: NCBG-384.pdf
Last Update: 2017-02-10

Collection Images (if Seeds of Success)

Collection Map

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