Collection Detail

Collection ID: 335
Project Type: HORT
Species (from ID Plant): Baptisia albescens
Cultivar Name (from Cult ID):
Collector (from pers_num): Sharpe
Place (from place_num):
Collection Date: 2010-01-01
Collection Number: 08-04-10-003

Collection Site

State: NC
County: unknown

Collected Material

Sample Type: SM
Collected Form: SD
Total Collected Quantity: bulk
Collected Plant Sex: X

Collection Sensitivity

Collection Sensitivity: NS

Collection Notes

Collection Notes: seed donated by Terry Sharpe for 2011 Wildflower of the Year
Collection Storage Location: sown in nursery 08-04-2010
Last Update: 2019-12-13

Collection Images (if Seeds of Success)

Collection Map

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