Collection Detail

Collection ID: 2466
Project Type: NPMD
Species (from ID Plant): Penstemon laevigatus
Cultivar Name (from Cult ID):
Collector (from pers_num): Kunz
Place (from place_num):
Collection Date: 2018-08-08
Collection Number: 2018-0168
Provenance Type: WILD

Collection Site

Ecoregion III: 45
Ecoregion IV: 45c
Eastern Seed Zone: NC-32
State: North Carolina
County: Montgomery
Decimal Degrees Latitude: 35.488014
Decimal Degrees Longitude: -80.055660
Elevation: 165.06 m
Slope: gentle
Soil Type: Chenneby silt loam

Collected Material

Sample Type: SM
Collected Form: SD
Bulk Seed Quantity: 100,000

Collection Sensitivity

Collection Sensitivity: NS

Collection Notes

Collection Notes: In ROW along the west side of NC109, south of intersection with Center Methodist Church Rd.
Collection Storage Location: dry room: envelope; a portion of this seed was sent to Roundstone Native Seed Co. for production (3/31/21).
Last Update: 2021-10-26

Collection Images (if Seeds of Success)

Collection Map

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