Accession Detail

ID Plant: ANVI2
Species (from ID Plant): Andropogon virginicus
Cultivar Name (from Cult ID):
Accession ID: 9335
Accession Number: 2021-0003
Collection ID:
Name Received As: Andropogon virginicus
Accessioned Form: EX
Accessioned Quantity: unk
Accession Sensitive: NS
Staff Receiving This Accession (from Person Number): Liloia
Accession Notes: This accession is for plants of unknown origin that have volunteered into the Piedmont Habitat.
Publish: 1
Last Update: 2021-02-08

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planting number install date person garden location number of plants condition action
12492 0000-00-00 Liloia Piedmont Habitat NP-Woods mass G View