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Family Code: NARTHE
Genus Code: LOPHI
Genus CN: lophiola
Genus Authority: Ker Gawl.
Genus Summary: A monotypic genus (as here interpreted to include L. americana and L. septentrionalis), of temperate e. North America. Often previously placed in the Haemodoraceae (as in RAB, C, G, GW), Lophiola clearly belongs to the Nartheciaceae, as shown by studies of anatomy, pollen ultrastructure, chemistry, and DNA (Edwards, Churchill, & Weiss 1970; Simpson & Dickison 1981; Simpson 1983; Zavada 1983; Zavadu, Xu, & Edwards 1983; Ambrose 1985; Fuse, Lee, & Tamura 2012).
Genus References: Zomlefer (1997b)=Z; Tamura in Kubitzki (1998a); Robertson in FNA (2002a).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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