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Family Code: FABACE
Genus Code: LESPE
Genus CN: lespedeza
Genus Authority: Michx.
Genus Summary: A genus of about 40 species, perennial herbs and shrubs, of temperate regions of e. Asia and e. North America.
Genus Identification: Identification notes: Many species of Lespedeza hybridize, and most combinations may occur in our area. Some of the hybrids have been named in the past as varieties or species. Hybrids generally occur in mixed populations with both parents and can usually be identified by their intermediate morphology (identification much easier in the field where context is apparent than in the herbarium). See Isely (1990) and Clewell (1966a) for additional hints about identification of hybrids.
Genus References: Clewell (1966a)=Z; Clewell (1966b)=Y; Isely (1986b)=X; Akiyama (1988)=Q; Clewell & Stickel (1990); Isely (1998)=I. Key based primarily on Z and SE. [also see Kummerowia]
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