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Family Code: PARNAS
Genus Code: LEPUR
Genus CN: lepuropetalon
Genus Authority: Elliott
Genus Summary: A monotypic genus, of se. North America, Mexico, c. Chile, and Uruguay. Sometimes treated as part of a broad and polymorphic Saxifragaceae, Lepuropetalon has often been associated with Parnassia in the Parnassiaceae. Morgan & Soltis (1993) suggest a close relationship of Lepuropetalon and Parnassia, as well as the "distant relationship between both genera and the Saxifragoideae." The affinities of Lepuropetalon with Parnassia remain uncertain, however, as emphasized by Gastony & Soltis (1977) in their analysis of chromosomes and partially reiterated by Morgan & Soltis (1993). Lepuropetalon is here treated in the Parnassiaceae, as supported by molecular analyses (Soltis et al. 2000, Savolainen et al. 2000); treatment in a monotypic Lepuropetalaceae is perhaps equally warranted.
Genus References: Ward & Gholson (1987); Spongberg (1972); Gastony & Soltis (1977); Wilbur (1988b); Simmons in Kubitzki (2004).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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