Plant Genera


Family Code: GENTIA
Genus Code: LEIPH
Genus CN: Ghost-plant
Genus Summary: A genus of 14 species, holoparasitic herbs, of tropical America (13 species) and w. and c. Africa (1 species). Recently, this genus has usually been treated as a subgenus of Voyria, but given the monophyly and strong, consistent, and major morphological differences, its traditional status as an independent genus seems warranted. The genus name is probably best pronounced �lipe-hie-mos�, as it is apparently derived from roots �leip-� and �-haimos� meaning �lacking blood�.
Genus Identification:
Genus References: Merckx et al. (2013)=Z; Albert & Struwe (1997)=Y; Correll & Correll (1982)=X; Long & Lakela (1976)=V.
Last Updated: 2019-12-01
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