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Family Code: JUNCAC
Genus Code: JUNCU
Genus CN: rush
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: (by B.A. Sorrie and W.M. Knapp)
Genus Identification: Identification Notes: For identification of most rushes, it is important to collect plants with mature capsules and seeds. Stamen number is often a diagnostic character and can be determined after anthesis by counting the number of persistent filaments located behind the tepals. Care must be taken to collect specimens with uninjured heads, especially for the group of rushes in Key D; the long beaks of the capsules are often fragile and easily broken off.
Genus References: Brooks & Clemants in FNA (2000); Kirschner et al. (2002b, 2002c)= Y; Knapp (2014)=X; Bridges & Orzell (2008); Clemants (1990); Balslev in Kubitzki (1998b); Zika (2003)=Z; Drábková et al. (2003). The key based, in part, on those references.
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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