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Family Code: HYPERIC
Genus Code: HYPER
Genus CN: St. Johnswort
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: A genus of 370-420 species, trees, shrubs, and herbs, primarily temperate. Hypericum in our area is a large, complex, and interesting genus, with a number of unresolved questions remaining. Following Nürk et al. (2013), it seems best to circumscribe Hypericum to include Triadenum (in Key A) and Thornea (the latter not relevant to our area), but not Vismia and Harungana. The species treated in Key C have often been treated in the segregate genus Ascyrum; evidence from a variety of disciplines now suggests that they should be included in Hypericum (Adams & Robson 1961; Calie, Schilling, & Webb 1983; Robson 1996; Nürk et al. 2013). Triadenum, while almost basal in Hypericum, should also be included (Nürk et al. 2013).
Genus Identification: Identification notes: “Longest leaves” should be sought at branch nodes.
Genus References: Sorrie (2012)=U; Adams (1973)=Z; Godfrey (1988)=Y; Robson (1977, 1981, 1990, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2006)=X; Adams (1962)=V; Allison (2011)=Q; Adams (1957); Webb (1980); Robson & Adams (1968); Adams & Robson (1961); Calie, Schilling, & Webb (1983); Culwell (1970); Nürk et al. (2013); Cooperrider (1989); Stevens in Kubitzki, Bayer, & Stevens (2007). Key based in part on Adams (1973), Godfrey (1988), C, and GW. {add for FL: Hypericum cumulicola, Hypericum edisonianum, and also add ‘not yet keyed’ Hypericum dolabriforme and Hypericum erythreae}
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