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Family Code: HYMENO
Genus Code: HYMEN5
Genus CN: filmy fern
Genus Authority: Sm.
Genus Summary: As here broadly circumscribed, a genus of about 250-330 species, almost strictly tropical in distribution, but very rarely expending into humid north temperate regions. Sphaerocionium C. Presl and other segregates are often recognized; these segregates may well be warranted. Iwatsuki in Kramer & Green (1990) takes a broad view of the genus, recognizing only Sphaerocionium among the potential segregates. Ebihara et al. (2006) does not recognize any segregates, a course followed here. If Sphaerocionium were recognized at generic rank, H. tunbrigense is in Hymenophyllum and H. tayloriae in Sphaerocionium (the combination has not been made).
Genus References: Ebihara et al. (2006)=Z; Davison (1997); Raine, Farrar, & Sheffield (1991); Iwatsuki in Kramer & Green (1990); Morton (1968).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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