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Family Code: TOFIEL
Genus Code: HARPE
Genus CN: harperocallis
Genus Authority: McDaniel
Genus Summary: A genus of 11 species, perennials, of southeastern United States (1 species) and the Guayana Shield and n. Andes of n. South America. Remizowa et al. (2011) expanded Isidrogalvia to include the single species of Harperocallis, but following the failure of the proposal to nomenclaturally conserve the name Isidrogalvia against Harperocallis, Campbell & Dorr (2013) transferred the South American species into Harperocallis (Campbell & Dorr 2013; Applequist 2012).
Genus References: Campbell & Dorr (2013)=V; Remizowa et al. (2011)=X; Campbell (2010); McDaniel (1968)=Y; Zomlefer (1997c)=Z; Utech & Anderson in FNA (2002a).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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