Plant Genera


Family Code: ROSACE
Genus Code: GEUM
Genus CN: avens
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: A genus of 40-60 species, herbs, mainly of north temperate areas. Many researchers have advocated breaking Geum into varying numbers of segregate genera; even the most conservative divisions place G. radiatum in a genus separate from our other species (such as Parageum; see synonymy) and some would place G. vernum in Stylipus. Molecular studies (Smedmark 2006; Smedmark & Eriksson 2002) make a strong case for a broad circumscription of Geum, including Waldsteinia, as many of the segregates are complexly and reticulately interrelated.
Genus References: Rohrer in FNA (2014) [Geum]; Phipps in FNA (2014) [Waldsteinia]; Robertson (1974)=Z, Bolle (1933)=Y; KrŠl (1966)=X; Smedmark (2006)=V; Weakley & Gandhi (2008)=Q; Smedmark & Eriksson (2002); Kalkman in Kubitzki (2004). [including Parageum and Waldsteinia]
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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