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Family Code: GENTIA
Genus Code: GENTI
Genus CN: gentian
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: A genus of about 350-400 species, herbs, primarily temperate and arctic. Even following the removal of Gentianopsis and Gentianella (to separate genera and a different subtribe), Gentiana is a large and apparently heterogeneous group, perhaps not monophyletic. No satisfactory comprehensive treatment is available, however. All of the species treated here as Gentiana are in the distinctive group often treated as section, subgenus, or genus Pneumonanthe.
Genus Identification: Identification Notes: In some species it may be somewhat difficult to interpret the corolla lobes and the corolla appendages. The filaments are alternate to the corolla lobes, and are therefore attached to the lower portion of the corolla appendages.
Genus References: Pringle (1967)=Z; Halda (1996)=Y; Ho & Liu (2001)=X; Pringle & Weakley (2009)=Q; Ho & Liu (1990); Yuan, Küpfer, & Doyle (1996); Pringle (1977). Key adapted from Z.
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