Plant Genera


Family Code: ERICAC
Genus Code: GAYLU
Genus CN: huckleberry
Genus Authority: Kunth
Genus Summary: A genus of ca. 50 species, shrubs, of North and South America (centered in South America). The sections and subsections follow Sleumer (1967a). A study of the phylogeny of the genus Gaylussacia provided some evidence for the treatment of Gaylussacia brachycera as a monotypic genus or within Vaccinium; additional study is needed.
Genus References: Sorrie, Weakley, & Tucker in FNA (2009); Sleumer (1967a)=Z; Camp (1935)=Y; Godfrey (1988)=X; Duncan & Brittain (1966)=V; Sorrie & Weakley (2007a)=U; Gajdeczka et al. (2010)= Q; Fernald (1911); Stevens et al. in Kubitzki (2004).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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