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Family Code: ERICAC
Genus Code: EUBOT
Genus CN: doghobble
Genus Authority: Nutt.
Genus Summary: A genus of 2 species, shrubs to small trees, of e. North America. Recent molecular evidence supports the recognition of Eubotrys as a genus separate from Leucothoe, and more closely related to Chamaedaphne, supporting the views, based on morphological grounds, of many earlier authors (Kron et al. 2002). The genus is often treated as feminine in grammatical gender (like most Ericaceae), but the Code is unequivocal that names ending in various suffixes, including -botrys should be treated as masculine.
Genus References: Tucker in FNA (2009); Kron et al. (2002); Stevens et al. in Kubitzki (2004).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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