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Family Code: POACEA
Genus Code: ELYMU
Genus CN: wildrye
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: A genus of about 150 species, semicosmopolitan in temperate regions. The genus, as now circumscribed, includes all allopolyploid taxa with at least one chromosome complement contributed from Pseudoroegneria. North American Elymus are allopolyploids of Pseudoroegneria and Hordeum (Helfgott & Mason-Gamer 2004). Reference: Barkworth, Campbell, & Salomon in FNA (2007a); Campbell (2000); Church (1967); Tucker (1996)=Z; Barkworth (1997)=X. This treatment largely follows Barkworth, Campbell, & Salomon in FNA (2007a).
Genus Identification: Identification notes: Measurements of the spike include the awns, but measurements of spikelets and its components do not. Rachis internodes should be measured near the middle of the spike. Glume widths are measured at the widest point, or if the widest point is not apparent, at about 5 mm above the glume base.
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