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Family Code: DRYOPT
Genus Code: DRYOP
Genus CN: woodfern
Genus Authority: Adans.
Genus Summary: A genus of about 400 species, nearly cosmopolitan, but concentrated in temperate Asia. Sessa, Zimmer, & Givnish (2012) discuss the phylogeny and biogeography of Dryopteris; the clades shown in the key are from their work.
Genus Identification: Identification notes: Dryopteris and Athyrium are often confused when not fertile; they can be easily distinguished by breaking off a leaf and counting vascular bundles (which will appear as thread-like strands). Dryopteris has 5 and Athyrium has 2. Many Dryopteris species will hybridize with one another to form sterile hybrids. Whenever two or more Dryopteris species are found growing together, there is a good chance that hybrids are present. Hybrids generally show intermediacy between the two parents, and have abortive sporangia or spores.
Genus References: Montgomery & Wagner in FNA (1993b); Sessa, Zimmer, & Givnish (2012); Montgomery & Paulton (1981); Montgomery (1982); Kramer et al. in Kramer & Green (1990); Hoshizaki & Wilson (1999).
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