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Family Code: POACEA
Genus Code: DICHA2
Genus CN: rosette grass
Genus Authority: (Hitchc. & Chase) Gould
Genus Summary: (by Richard J. LeBlond)
Genus Identification: Identification notes: Dichanthelium has often been treated as subgenus Dichanthelium of Panicum. It is most readily (though not consistently) separated from Panicum by the following combination of features: plants producing over-wintering rosettes of leaves often shorter and broader than the culm leaves; plants producing simple culms with terminal panicles in spring, the culms branching and producing panicles only on branches in the summer and autumn. Perhaps the most complex and confusing genus in our region, Dichanthelium requires careful collection and close observation of several characters to determine to which taxon a specimen belongs, or at least to which taxa it seems most closely aligned. A taxon that is distinct in one part of its range may be indistinguishable from another taxon elsewhere. This is particularly true of Coastal Plain species adapted to natural (and now human) disturbances. Although hybridization is frequently suspected in Dichanthelium, documentation of natural hybrids is rare.
Genus References: Gould and Clark (1978)=Z; Freckmann (1981)=Y; Lelong (1984)=X; LeBlond (2001)=Q; Weakley et al. (2011)=V; Davidse and Polh (1992); Hansen & Wunderlin (1988); Hitchcock & Chase (1910); Freckmann & Lelong (2002). The treatment of Dichanthelium sect. Lanuginosa (=D. acuminatum group) is based closely on Y. The contributor must take responsibility for the treatment of sect. Angustifolia (including D. hirstii), sections Dichotoma and Ensifolia (the D. dichotomum group), and for sect. Lancearia. Other treatments are based largely on Z.
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