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Family Code: ORCHID
Genus Code: DACTY3
Genus CN: keyflower
Genus Authority: Neck. ex Nevski
Genus Summary: A genus of 12-75 species, primarily in boreal and temperate parts of the Old World. Our only species has traditionally been placed as the only species of Coeloglossum, but this is apparently not phylogenetically distinct from Dactylorhiza (Bateman, Pridgeon, & Chase 1997; Inda, Pimentel, & Chase 2010); Coeloglossum is the older name, but Dactylorhiza has been accepted for nomenclatural conservation.
Genus References: Bateman, Pridgeon, & Chase (1997)=Z; Inda, Pimentel, & Chase (2010); Sheviak & Catling in FNA (2002a); Pridgeon et al. (1997, 1999b); Correll (1950)=X.
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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