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Family Code: COMMEL
Genus Code: CUTHB
Genus CN: Roseling
Genus Summary: A genus of 3 species, herbs, of se. North America. Over the last several decades, Cuthbertia has often been reduced to a component within Callisia (as by Hunt 1983; Hunt 1986; Tucker 1989; Faden in Kubitzki 1998b; Faden in FNA 2000); recent molecular analyses do not support such a course, however (Bergamo 2003; Burns, Faden, & Steppan 2011).
Genus Identification:
Genus References: Faden in FNA (2000); Tucker (1989)=Z; Giles (1942); Giles (1943); Lakela (1972); Bergamo (2003); Burns, Faden, & Steppan (2011); Faden in Kubitzki (1998b).
Last Updated: 2019-11-30
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