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Family Code: EUPHOR
Genus Code: CROTO
Genus CN: croton
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: A genus of about 1250 species, herbs, shrubs, and (rarely) trees, of nearly cosmopolitan distribution (primarily tropical and warm-temperate). Webster (1992, 1993) considered the 2 taxa traditionally treated as Crotonopsis to be closely related to sections within Croton, such as section Gynamblosis; his reasoning has been supported by molecular phylogenetic studies and all recent floristic treatments and is followed here.
Genus References: van Ee & Berry in FNA (in prep.); van Ee, Riina, & Berry (in press); vam Ee & Berry (2010)=V; van Ee & Berry (2009)=X; Webster (1992)=Z; Webster (1993)=Y; Govaerts, Frodin, & Radcliffe-Smith (2000); Webster in Kubitzki (2014).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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