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Family Code: OROBAN
Genus Code: CONOP
Genus CN: cancer-root
Genus Authority: Wallr.
Genus Summary: A genus of 3 species, herbs parasitic on Quercus section Lobatae (red oaks) of e. North America and sw. North America south to Central America. Rodrigues, Colwell, & Stefanovi? (2011) and Rodrigues et al. (2013) determined that a division of the genus into 3 species best reflects genetic differentiation, the other 2 being C. alpina Liebmann, ranging from AZ, NM, and TX south to s. Mexico, and C. panamensis Woodson of Costa Rica and Panama.
Genus References: Rodrigues, Colwell, & Stefanovi? (2011)=X; Rodriguez et al. (2013)=V; Haynes (1971)=Z; Thieret (1971)=Y.
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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