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Family Code: LAMIAC
Genus Code: CLINO
Genus CN: clinopodium
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: , herbs and shrubs, of temperate and subtropical areas of the w. and e. hemispheres. The circumscription will certainly change in the future, with the native species here placed in Clinopodium rearrayed into several genera, based on the clear polyphyly of a broad Clinopodium and its clear interdigitation with other genera (such as Conradina, Piloblephis, and Stachydeoma), as shown by Bršuchler, Meimberg, & Heubl (2010), Drew & Sytsma (2012), and Edwards, Soltis, & Soltis (2006).
Genus References: Cantino & Wagstaff (1998)=Y; Shinners (1962a)=Z; Shinners (1962f)=X; Bršuchler, Meimberg, & Heubl (2010), Drew & Sytsma (2012). Key adapted in part from Z.
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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