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Family Code: ORCHID
Genus Code: CLEIS
Genus CN: Spreading Pogonia, Rosebud Orchid
Genus Summary: A genus of 3 species, endemic to e. North America. As traditionally circumscribed, Cleistes was a genus of about 55 species, primarily of tropical America. The circumscription of this genus has been uncertain (Cameron & Chase 1999; Cameron et al. 1999; Pridgeon et al. 1999c). North American "Cleistes" is not closely related to South American Cleistes (which includes the type of the genus), and two alternative treatments are possible: the North American species can be housed in a separate genus, or alternatively, Pogonia, Isotria, and N. American "Cleistes" could be combined into Pogonia (a generic disposition popular many decades ago). Pansarin & de Barros (2008) favor the former idea, and have named the new genus Cleistesiopsis; we follow that approach here.
Genus Identification:
Genus References: Pansarin & de Barros (2008)=Y; Catling & Gregg (1992)=Z; Brown & Pansarin (2009)=V; Gregg & Catling in FNA (2002a); Gregg (1991); Correll (1950)=X.
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