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Family Code: JUGLAN
Genus Code: CARYA
Genus CN: hybrid hickory
Genus Authority: Nutt.
Genus Summary: [contributed by Alan S. Weakley & Robert K. Peet]
Genus Identification: Identification notes: Surface vestiture of leaves and bud scales is useful in distinguishing species of Carya. Some use of these characters can be made with a 10 or 20 hand lens; better still is a dissecting microscope. It is important to understand the different trichome types mentioned in the key (terminology follows Hardin 1990 and Hardin & Stone 1984). Short acicular trichomes are simple, unicellular trichomes tapered to a pointed tip, 0.10-0.35 mm long and with rough walls. Long acicular trichomes ("solitary" of Hardin & Stone 1984) are similar to short acicular, but are much larger, 0.45-1.6 mm long, and have smooth walls. Fasciculate trichomes are multicellular and have 2-8 straight or curled rays radiating from a clustered base. Multiradiate trichomes are similar to fasciculate, but have 8-17 rays, the inner (and usually more upright) rays attached basally above the outer (and usually more spreading) rays. Capitate glandular trichomes are unicellular or multicellular, and are distinguished by their bulbous or expanded tip; they are usually 0.02-0.1 mm long. Peltate scales are flat or dome-shaped shields or disks, slightly to strongly glandular, (sometimes regularly or irregularly lobed) and can be either sessile or stalked (they are often referred to as scales, resin dots, peltate glands, or lepidote scales). On the lower surfaces of leaflets, peltate scales are of two types: large peltate scales are 0.08-0.3 mm in diameter and are round, with smooth or slightly irregular margins, while small peltate scales are 0.025-0.12 mm in diameter and are either round, irregularly lobed or regularly 2- or 4-lobed.
Genus References: Stone in FNA (1997); Hardin (1992); Hardin & Stone (1984); Elias (1972); Stone, Adrouny, & Flake (1969); Stone (1961); Mohlenbrock (1986); Sargent (1918); Manning (1950); Hardin (1952); Little (1969); Harrar & Harrar (1962); Stone in Kubitzki, Rohwer, & Bittrich (1993). Key based in part on an unpublished manuscript prepared by Stone & Hardin for the Flora of the Southeastern United States.
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