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Family Code: CAMPAN
Genus Code: CAMPA
Genus CN: bellflower
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: A genus of about 300-425 species, herbs (rarely shrubby), north temperate, most diverse in s. Europe. The appropriate circumscription remains uncertain and controversial, and related genera are sometimes combined into a broadly circumscribed Campanula, or alternately, several to many segregates recognized (Campanula, Rapunculus, Campanulastrum, etc.). A broad circumscription is adopted here, based on considerations discussed in Roquet et al. (2008). In an alternate suggestion that also has merit, Park et al. (2006) propose splitting Campanula into a number of segregates; if followed, most or all of our species would likely be placed in the genus Rapunculus.
Genus References: Roquet et al. (2008); Park et al. (2006); Rosatti (1986)=Z; Shetler & Morin (1986); Shetler (1982)=Y; Shulkina, Gaskin, & Eddie (2003); Lammers in Kadereit & Jeffrey (2007).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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