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Family Code: OPHIOG
Genus Code: BOTRY
Genus CN: grapefern
Genus Authority: Sw.
Genus Summary: A genus of 25-30 species, nearly cosmopolitan, but primarily temperate and concentrated in North America and e. Asia. Botrychium as traditionally circumscribed to include Botrypus and Sceptridium is very heterogeneous (Hauk, Parks, & Chase 2003); I have here accepted the arguments of Hauk (1996), Hauk, Parks, & Chase (2003), and others recommending recognition of the anciently divergent and molecularly and morphologically distinctive segregates as genera. Dauphin, Vieu, and Grant (2014) verify the controversial naming of many cryptic and semi-cryptic species in Botrychium by W.H. Wagner and others in recent decades.
Genus References: Wagner in Kramer & Green (1990); Hauk, Parks, & Chase (2003).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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